Sometimes we think that what we have achieved is a drop in the ocean, but without it, the ocean would be incomplete.

Mother Teresa of Calcuta.


Business trends
Where are we going?

The world is changing at breakneck speed.

The value of companies is no longer measured only by their capacity to generate wealth, but by their contribution to society.

Purpose-driven companies put the interests of stakeholders first, seek to have a positive impact on society and the planet, contribute to social well-being and in most cases, solve a social or environmental problem.

For the managers of these companies, business activity is a channel for developing people’s potential. The Purpose of the companies refers to the reason for their existence, gives them meaning and provides them with a long-term vision.


Why should I implement a Purpose-driven Culture in my organisation?

In business and management forums, the feeling of a lack of purpose at work is increasingly shared as well as the lack of understanding of the motivations of the teams that are joining, with the certainty that what seemed to have worked until now is no longer valid.

Implementing a Purpose-driven Culture in the organisation is necessary to address these concerns, but it is not enough. At Mentoraes we believe that by investing in the personal and professional growth of the people who form part of the company, focusing them towards a purpose-driven culture and unity, putting the individuals at the centre, accompanying them, mentoring them, providing them with tools, reflection, method and developing their potential, leaders grow, and consequently so do their teams and the company. The organisation grows, transforming the company’s culture into a humanistic and united culture, and with that the economic results grow.

Numerous studies show that having a purpose, a humanistic organisational culture and aligned corporate values is very profitable.


What makes us different?

Our founding Partners, and our entire team of Mentors and Coaches, have more than 25 years of experience in Business Management and Team Leadership.

We have a business vision based on our experience, the two founders being General Managers, Business Owners and Mentors to Executives and Managers, and we have implemented in recent years a purposeful leadership at the service of our teams and Mentees, with excellent results in terms of sense of Unity, Motivation, Confidence and Commitment to our companies.

Because we want our employees/collaborators/contributors to feel proud to work within our company, and because we want to help –thanks to our Methodology, Systems and Knowledgeto make yours also feel proud to work within your company. 


Because we are driven by the motivation to contribute to society with what we have to offer, improving people's lives through their workplace, including its Business Owner, its Managers, Executives and its Collaborators/employees.

Because "The meaning of work is meaningful work".


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