Some of our Mentees explain their experience

Laura Lluch

The Mentoring/Coaching process was very rewarding for me since it allowed me to have a clearer vision of my objectives and goals. It provided me with the tools to focus, structure and consciously work towards goals more effectively and helped me develop new skills and strengths, gaining greater self-confidence. It has had a very positive


Rosaura Marsiñach

It has been a transformative experience. I have been able to work on important aspects such as the development of my communication skills, the acquisition of techniques for effective decision-making and learning how to properly motivate and guide my work team, to become more aware. In addition, the process has given me a clearer vision


Rubén Mesas

The Mentoring process brought me many benefits, both personally and professionally. First of all, Mentoring served as a guide for my daily work and supported me during my growth and development process. It helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for improvement, and provided me with tools and resources to address


Sebastián Hernández

The Mentoring and Coaching process has provided me with a broader and clearer perspective of my strengths and areas for improvement, which has allowed me to make more informed and strategic decisions as CEO. Through the Mentoring that I had the pleasure of receiving, my Mentor provided me with personalized guidance and support to help


Anna Marquès

Through the Mentoring process, I have found accompaniment and guidance that have helped me broaden my vision, better understand of my environment, identify and reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, and apply new perspectives when approaching conflicts and diverse situations. The experience of my Mentor and Coach and the climate of trust achieved have been


Víctor Muliterno

The Mentoring/Coaching process gave me: Get to know myself better. It has helped me to see what my strengths and areas of improvement are. Relativize. Differentiate urgent vs important. Help make difficult decisions. Analyze well what consequences these decisions may have. Better understand the people around me. The fact of having worked a lot on