Montse Estela

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Mentor-Coach in Purpose-Driven Organizations
& Mentor in Business Strategy

Montse Estela is a Founding Partner of Mentoraes as well as estela carbonell & associats, a Strategy and Internationalisation Consultancy. Her professional experience has been developed over more than 25 years at an international level, holding Executive and Manager positions in Large and Multinational Companies. In the last 15 years she has contributed to more than 500 business projects, in different sectors and cultures, as a Strategy Consultant, Member of Boards of Directors, Start-Ups Mentor and Mentor-Coach for Executives and Managers in their professional and personal development, within the business environment.

Montse is defined as an entrepreneurial, restless, strategic and visionary woman, with a high intrinsic and transcendent motivation as well as being customer and people oriented. As a mother of two daughters, her passion is her family and her vocation is her profession. Her personal mission is to maintain coherence and balance in order to be able to offer the best version of herself in her personal and professional life.

Jordi Bolea

Partner & Co-Founder

Senior Leadership & Growth Expert
in Purpose-Driven Organizations
Jordi Bolea is a Founding Partner of Mentoraes and also teknics, a special machinery design and construction engineering company. His professional experience began with the creation of teknics, more than 30 years ago, and has been enriched by the growth of the company and the technical, organisational and human challenges that have emerged from its growth. He has always sought meaning in his work, both for himself and for his collaborators, which has led him to undertake projects that have allowed them to develop as individuals.

Jordi stands out as a person who is approachable, reliable, tenacious, audacious and has a great capacity for work. Father of three daughters, Jordi is enthusiastic about serving people, accompanying them in their personal and professional improvement.

Iola Vicent

Executive & Personal Coach

Mindfulness (MBSR) and breathing techniques Instructor
Emotional Intelligence Expert

Iola Vicent is the founder of Ecología de Vida, Executive and Personal Coach, Mindfulness and breathing techniques Instructor and Emotional Intelligence Expert. Her professional experience as a Coach and MBSR Mindfulness Instructor has been developed in both business and personal environments.

Her professional experience as a Coach and MBSR Mindfulness Instructor has been developed in both business and personal environments. Her personal purpose has always been the well-being and happiness of people in professional and personal environments, generating an atmosphere of calm and confidence in her surroundings. A mother of two daughters, Iola is undoubtedly a “Vitamine Person” for Mentoraes.


Collaborating Team

Professionals specialised in Purpose-Driven Organisations

At Mentoraes we are proud to have a team of first class collaborators, including Trainers, Lecturers, University Professors, Executive Coaches and Personal Growth Advisors.

Our network of partners gives us a high added value. Their contribution to each project, with their specific knowledge and skills, provides a distinctive value to our clients.

We could not be more grateful for their contribution!